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Shiva Lingam – Some Mysterious and Scientific Significance

Shiva Lingam is one of India's most misunderstood topic. In this article Temple Science will decode the mysterious facts and science of shiva linga. The shape of the Shiva Lingam represent the entire Universe. The secret of the Universe and root cause of the entire creation is hidden behind the image of Shiva LingamIn Sanskrit “Lingam” represents “Symbol” or “Sign”. Unfortunately other language defines it as a stylized phallic symbol.  Due to lack of proper sagacity some people themselves understanding Shiva lingam as the phallic symbol and they also give fabled information to other people
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Shiva Lingam – Some Mysterious Facts and Scientific Significance
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Even the misunderstanding was in so high that some kings of medieval India established Shiva Lingam in an identical shape of phallic symbol. I personally think this misinterpretation was being widely propagated by some egoistic Buddhists to deform the essence of the science of spirituality. We know in Buddhist era the Sanskrit and the Vedic texts turned out to be insignificant in Ancient Bharat. This was the time span when much of misinterpretations on vedic texts had been done intentionally. But being the most liberal the Hindu society accepted the deformation. There are different ways to realize God in Hinduism, which suggests that Hinduism is liberal and does not have strict values.Individual Hindus, according to their personality, worship the supreme consciousness. Actually obscenity is in our heart, for which we find that same obscenity in everything. Lord Shiva is portrayed as emerging from the lingam —the cosmic pillar of eternal energies. This is called Lingodbhava. The Linga Purana also  emphasizes this understanding of lingam as a cosmic pillar, symbolizing Shiva's infinite  source of divine consciousness.

Now its time to know what the real essence of Shiva lingam is and how misconceived it is to confuse the Hindus. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. It is not only the oldest language but also the flag carrier of Indian culture. This is not only the Indian, but the root of ancient languages of the world. Experts believe all languages spoken in today’s world are originated from Sanskrit. That is why I often say Sanskrit is the ocean of vocabularies and its very difficult to identify the each words according to the sense of their utilisations. For example, If we take a word "Sutra" in Sanskrit, It has various meaning, “सूत्र “ (Sutra) can be used as thread, mathematical formula, clew and subject of writing.Similarly, the meaning of the word "अर्थ " (Arth) can also be: wealth, substances, amount, significance or meaning.  Lingam implies a “Symbol” or “Sign” in Sanskrit. Thus the Shiva Lingam is a symbol of Lord Shiva. Or a sign that recalls the formless infinite supreme consciousness. Shiva has no parallel word in any other language. But we can choose one nearest word of Shiva which is “nothingness”, so literally Shiva means “not that” Now the meaning of Shiva Lingam is a symbol of nothingness. Literally In  Nirvana Shatakam Sri Adi Shankaracharya established the true sense of Shiva,
मनोबुद्ध्यहङ्कार चित्तानि नाहं
न च श्रोत्रजिह्वे न च घ्राणनेत्रे ।
न च व्योम भूमिर्न तेजो न वायुः
चिदानन्दरूपः शिवोऽहम् शिवोऽहम् ॥१॥
1.1: Neither am I the Mind, nor the Intelligence or Ego,
1.2: Neither am I the organs of Hearing (Ears), nor that of Tasting (Tongue), Smelling (Nose) or Seeing (Eyes),
1.3: Neither am I the Sky, nor the Earth, Neither the Fire nor the Air,
1.4: I am the Ever Pure Blissful Consciousness; I am Shiva, I am Shiva, the Ever Pure Blissful Consciousness.
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Shiva Lingam worshipped by Romans:
Shiva Lingam's worship was not limited to India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka alone. 
This Shiva Lingam is exhibited in Gregorian Etruscan Museum Vatican City.
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The worship of different types of Shiva Lingams were not limited to India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka alone. The Romans who were the first to introduce the worshiping of Shiva Lingam to European nations. Shiva Linga was termed Prayapas by Romans, most probably the term “Prayapas” was the wrong pronunciation of “Pashupati” or “Prajapati” because Lord Shiva is also known as Prajapati Shiva. The archaeologists found Shiva Lingams in Babylon, and ancient MesopotamiaIn addition, the archeological results in Harappa-Mohanjo-daro, which gave rise to countless statutes of Shiva Lingam, revealed the presence of a highly evolved culture long before the immigration of the Aryan  (Though I personally do not believe in Arayn immigration theory).
Kind of Lingam:
Generally there are 6 types of Divya Lingam and  2  types of Shiva Lingam available in India, one in natural form of black meteorite in oval-shaped and other is man made by cutting and polishing granite or solidifying mercury (Which  is an ancient Vedic science) according to the design and procedure mentioned in Agama Shahstra. 

The Lingam as a Symbol of Creation:
The ancient scripture Linga Purana says that the foremost Lingam is devoid of smell, color, taste,etc.,and is spoken of as 'Prakriti' or Nature itself. According to Swami Vivekananda the Lingam became symbolic of the generative source of eternal Brahman or the sign of infinite cosmic energy in post-vedic era.The Linga is like an egg and represents the 'Brahmanda' (Brahm+Anda) or the cosmic egg or Hiranyagarbha.
Hiranya Garbha
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Hinduism says, the Shiva Lingam is the symbol of Nothigness which later manifested as the Universe. According to Hindu Science the hiranyagarbha  or the cosmic golden egg came from infinite Shiva Lingam. Now coincidentally the modern scientists are referring an image of our Universe which is exactly the mirror image of hiranyagarbha (cosmic egg) or Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingam represents the shape of entire cosmos. By decoding the data gathered by  NASA’s WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe measured the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiations) satellite Italian scientists proposed a overall shape of our Universe. Which is just a mirror image of ellipsoidal or egged shaped natural Shiva lingam or generally called “Bana lingam” available in the bay of Narmada river. Science confirms that the Universe might be oval shaped. 
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Shiva Linga also signifies 'Satya,' 'Gyana' and 'Ananta' – Truth, knowledge, and Infinity.
According to Vedic Texts the entire sky or space is a Lingam which is formless, and all the cosmic objects comes from the formless and disperses in the formless sky. In our Universe the shape of Shiva lingam is very important, every cosmic objects, the structure of an atoms, the cell of body, nucleus, and the plant seed from where a life starts... everything even that has little importance building the Universe contains the shape of Shiva Lingam. Because this particular shape can hold the potential energies of Life.The Shiva Linga represents the ascending energy of consciousness and life in nature – an iconic pillar of light or as an abstract symbol of supreme. We see this in forms such as the mountain, now most interesting fact is The Design of the Universe (from starting point to till today) is maintaining the same structure.In a simple sentence Its proved by the Modern Cosmology that the Universe looks like a Shiva Lingam, and this is what our Vedic Cosmology said in Linga Purana. "The whole universe is established in the form of Shiva Linga and hence everybody must worship Lord Shiva." - (LING PURANA 1.5.5)

The minds (for example of the people from Tantra yoga) that can perceive and understand the higher form of duality (including the dualities of nature from electricity and magnetism, to the forces of fire and water, the electrons and anti-electrons, and so on) interpret the Shiva Linga as symbol of the universal duality with its spiritual meaning (of creation). Shiva Linga and Shakti are the two main Tantric symbols of ascending and descending forces (energies) in the universe that are often represented by upright conical stones for the Shiva Linga (Local Universe) and ring stones or basis for the Maha Kali or Shakti (Dark energies and dark Matter). Shiva Lingam represents several scientific secrets, even the top view of the three parts of Shiva Lingam creates a perfect graph of Sine wave.
Shiva Lingam – Some Mysterious Facts and Scientific Significance
Notice the structural similarities between the graph of our Universe and Shiva Lingam.
The 4 Parts of a Shiva Linga:
Siva Purana describes Lingam formation as a infinite  light pillar. The night is celebrated as Mahasivaratri when this light pillar appeared. Siva Linga consists of three parts, the lowest of which is called the Brahma-Pitha  which contains the attribution of creating  the universe,' the middle being the' Vishnu-Pitha' that preserves the creation, and the highest being the' Siva-Pitha ' which destroys the creations to maintain the proper balance of the Universe.
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Shiva is the owner of both Tama Guna and Satta Guna, though Shiva is Nirguana. Shiva is Tamaguna in the sense he destroys the creations, but the devastating the creation He is creating a new by making the soul free from body. The forth part is the ring of Shakti, the dynamic power that makes the unborn born, that provides infinite forms to the formless, that creates motions and that can stop a moving one.

Crashing of Large Meteorite:

According to some geologists the special structure of the natural Shiva Lingams found in Narmada river, generally called Bana Lingam, is due to a large meteorite crashing into the Earth in this area of Narmada river 14 million years ago. Over time the fusion of Meteorite and Earthly Minerals has developed a new and unique kind of Crystalline Rock with outstanding energetic features.
Shiva Lingam – Some Mysterious Facts and Scientific Significance:
The Bana Lingams includes Crypto crystalline quartz and a special materials., combined with elliptical form has a accurate resonance in alignment with our energy centers among the 7 Kundalini Wheels and has been used for thousands of years as divine source of cosmic energy for regenerating, curing and mindfulness. Crypto Crystalline quartz are so densely packed that the formation style can not be seen even with a microscope. Normal Crypto Crystalline quartz energies our nervous system and prevent hair loss. It can assist in removing adhesions in the connective tissue. It can reduce unusual body temperature fever and muscle pains. 
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The Lingam is Universe. The Universe is a Lingam:

Shiva Lingam is the cosmic symbol of unity and completeness.Symbolizing fertility or manifesting of Universe and life. It symbolizes indivisibility, indestructibility, creation. "This unmanifest being can be perceived only through his creation, which is his sign or linga" - (LING PURANA). Linga represents the formless Mahakaal who existed when there was nothing (shunya) and who will exist when there will be everything (infinity) the Yoni which.acts as a base for the linga represents Maha Shakti (the dark Energy that creates and destroys). Mahakaal is the ultimate source of Kaal (Time), big Bang says Time – dimension came from Quantum Fluctuation (The state after the Singularity ) of the universe. 

Did you get the similarities between Vedic cosmology and the Big Bang theory ?

"The almighty Shiva manifested in the form of Sthanu (Pillar) from his imperceptible form and looked at Lord Brahma." (Ling Purana 1.5.8), In Sanskrit, Sthanu means immovable, fixed, firm, pillar. The message being Time , Space , Matter, Energy are Eternal manifestations of the supreme omniscient consciousness and together they represent the creation and eventual destruction of universe. "The distinctive sign through which it is possible to recognize the nature of someone is called a linga." (Shiva Purana). Shiva is worshiped in the form of a natural pillar of a single stone because That is the only form of Shiva is depicted in LING PURANA.

Now ,what I am going to express here is little tough to explain, Please keep calm and read carefully

Kindly recall the portrait of Vishnu, a lotus is depicted as arising from the navel of Vishnu and Brahma is shown as seated on the lotus. The top most portion of the Shiva Ligna, or better if you see the Picture of the timeline diagram of the Universe, is the Navel of Sri Vishnu (Singularity and the “Primordial or Quantum Fluctuation” ) and Stem of the Lotus is the “Inflation” portion, the Lord Bramha represents the portion of  “ Cosmic Microwave back ground” 
Shiva Lingam – Some Mysterious Facts Temple science blog
The portion of “Dark ages” is the portion signifies “Yoga Maya”,the rest part continuing up to the end (Today) is Lord Narayana.The last portion or the part of dissolution (not designed yet) will represents Lord Mhadeva or Shakara ( Mahadeva – the static state – at meditation,because dissolution is not being started yet) , When the Universe will come at the state of Dissolution (Mahadeva will be changed in to dynamic form – Rudra , Bhairava) , and the Entire Universe is SHIVA LINGAM , the internal Reionization to ionization portion is the cosmic dance of Nataraja and Shakti.But in any time these three modes are active as somewhere in universe new births,life spans and deaths are happening simultaneously.That means the entire universe is acting as Lord Brahma when new planets or stars are coming into existence, Lord Narayana because Universe continuing to expanding still,(Lord Narayana acts as an supreme operator) and Lord Rudra too because every second cosmic objects or living creatures are facing the dissolution.Clear?
Well, its not so easy to frame the infinite, so keep it in your mind that this is only a basic theory, the more will be disclosed in future by another Temple Science, Spiritual Masters , Scientists or any one. I would like to conclude the article with this prayer.  शिवमानसपूजा - रत्नैः कल्पितमासनं हिमजलैः स्नानं  दिव्याम्बरं
Meaning: O Pashupati, please accept my Mental Worship of You. I Mentally Offer You ceremonial bath, food, incense and sing Hymns in praise of You. O Shiva, You are my Soul and Devi Shakti (Girija) is my Pure Intellect; I surrender all my actions to You.

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